Suzuki, a Small Passenger Car The New SX4 S-CROSS Review Released

Suzuki, a Small Passenger Car The New SX4 S-CROSS Review Released

Suzuki, a Small Passenger Car The New SX4 S-CROSS Released

Suzuki Motor Corporation is a small passenger car of the crossover model that combines the passenger car and SUV new “SX4 S-CROSS” the, to launch from February 19.

The new “SX4 S-CROSS” is a crossover model that was built up by bringing together the know-how and the four-wheel drive technology of a small passenger car development of Suzuki, produced in a Hungarian manufacturing subsidiary “Magyar Suzuki Corporation”, imported to Japan is the house brand of imported cars to be released to.

To design to foresee an active run, it is a wide living space and firmly packed packaging with a luggage compartment space, powerful acceleration performance and fuel efficiency to balance the power train, features around the foot to achieve a supple ride.

In addition, the 4WD vehicles, Suzuki own new 4WD system “ALLGRIP (all grip) ” adopted. Provides excellent off-road and driving stability in a variety of scenes, design, ease of use, as a car that meets all of the fuel consumption at a high level, is a wide range of use that can be models from the everyday to the outdoors.The new “SX4 S-CROSS” is to start production in August 2013 at the Magyar Suzuki Corporation, including Europe, Central and South America, Oceania, have been exported to Africa, and the like. In addition, even in China’s Chongqing Changan Suzuki Automobile Co., Ltd. has been started production in December 2013, comfort and carrying capacity, has gained a reputation for such excellent running performance.

The main features of the new “SX4 S-CROSS”

(1) strong crossover style of high-quality design
(2) a large living space and tightly packed luggage compartment space luggage
(3) excellent off-road, to realize the running stability “ALLGRIP” (4WD vehicles)
(4) strong and supple ride excellent fuel economy performance

Sales target (annual) 600 units
Manufacturer’s suggested retail price (consumption tax included 8%)

Suzuki, a Small Passenger Car The New SX4 S-CROSS Released (1)

  • * 2WD is front-wheel drive.
  • * Cool White Pearl paint car sales ¥ 21,600.
  • * The price, recycling fee, insurance premiums, taxes (consumption tax excluded), costs associated with registration and the like are not included.
  • * Tax cuts of the automobile acquisition tax due to environmental friendly vehicles promote the tax system in 2015, March 31, 2008 new car registration, until the tax cuts of the automobile weight tax is 2015 April 30, new car registration.

Features of the new “SX4 S-CROSS”

(1) strong crossover style of high-quality design

  • Imposing dynamic front design.
  • Discharge headlamps of dauntless design. Use the LED is in the position lamp.
  • Fender arch molding and front / side / rear of silver under garnish to produce a SUV-ness.
  • Inch aluminum wheels wheel which has been subjected to cutting and black paint.
  • Body color is beginning a new color as the “Crystal lime metallic” and “Cool White Pearl”, set up all four colors.


  • Instrument panel representing the dynamic movement with a sense of unity. Also pursuing sense of quality through the use and silver decoration of the soft pad.
  • Up and down adjustment (tilt function) , before and after adjustment (telescopic function) steering with.
  • High functional meter visibility. Place the multi-information display for displaying the average fuel consumption and average vehicle speed in the center of the instrument panel.
  • It adopts the left and right independent temperature control function with full-auto air conditioning that can be driver’s seat and the passenger seat each of the temperature setting.
  • It employs a two-stage temperature-adjustable driver’s seat, the front passenger’s seat heater that can warm even the back not only the seat surface. (4WD vehicles)

(2) a large living space and tightly packed luggage compartment space luggage

  • The front and rear occupants distance between the interior length and 814mm of 1,995mm, realize the rear seat space with a large living space and room.
  • Foot opening in the front door and the rear door, to have a room in the waist and the head opening of a rear door, made it possible to more easy loading and unloading of passengers.
  • As well as installing a mounting position of the door mirror on the body door, it devised shape around the A-pillar, to ensure a good visibility.

Luggage space

  • While securing a wide living space with a clear, 420L even when five people ride ※ 1 realize a large capacity luggage space.
  • 6: by luggage board 4 can be mounted on the rear seat and the upper and lower split retractable, made it possible to variety of arrangements.
  • Luggage room lamp or accessory socket, was to enrich the useful equipment such as luggage hook.
  • ※ 1 luggage compartment capacity VDA trunk capacity measurements provisions of the (German Automobile Manufacturers Association). Figures luggage board is installed.

Storage space

  • Front overhead console and instrument panel pocket, such as a console box, set the easy-to-use abundant storage space.

(3) excellent off-road, to realize the running stability “ALLGRIP” (4WD vehicles)

  • Electronic control 4WD system, 4 mode traveling switching function, the vehicle motor coordination control system, was adopted Suzuki own new 4WD system “ALLGRIP” consisting of three of the technology.

Electronic control 4WD system

  • An accelerator sensor, a steering angle sensor, based on information from the vehicle speed sensor, not only the correspondence after behavior change of the vehicle, and predict the behavior change, performs feedforward control to deal before the vehicle becomes unstable to achieve excellent running performance by.

4 mode traveling switching function

  • AUTO, SPORT, SNOW, by selecting the four modes of LOCK, in a variety of running scene, realizing the driving stability and excellent off-road.

Vehicle motion coordinated control system

  • Overall the running condition was monitored by such as steering angle sensors and yaw rate sensor, by controlling and coordinating the 4WD control and steering, keep the skid tendency.

(4) strong and supple ride excellent fuel economy performance

  • In addition to a reduction in the weight of the vehicle, the adoption of 1.6L engine and the auxiliary transmission mechanism with CVT to exert a powerful acceleration performance, by the suspension of the pursuit of handling performance, achieve a strong and supple ride.
  • High efficiency and power train, 2WD cars as a result of continuing improvements to the aerodynamic performance is 18.2km / L, 4WD vehicles achieved a fuel efficiency of 17.2km / L.

50Kg ※ 2 lighter

  • Even while increasing the vehicle size, engine, suspension each component, including the review of the interior parts, increasing the rigidity, such as intensive high-tensile steel in the body, 50Kg ※ 2 achieve the weight of the.
    ※ 2 SX4 2WD car comparison

Power train to achieve both the acceleration performance and fuel economy performance

  • High power, equipped with 1.6 L DOHC VVT engine and CVT with an auxiliary transmission mechanism with improved fuel efficiency, yet high torque. In addition, it equipped with a paddle shift with a 7-speed manual mode.

Suspension to achieve both ride comfort and steering stability at a high level

  • Improve the steering stability to adopt the suspension frame with increased lateral stiffness to the front.Adopted a rear torsion beam that are both lightweight and high rigidity, reduce the role, improve the sense of stability when cornering.

Safety performance and comfort equipment

  • Shock to efficiently absorb and disperse from all directions, a lightweight shock absorbing body [TECT].
  • ESP to keep the slip and skid (R) as standard equipment.
  • In addition to the auto light, sense the raindrops, automatically adopted the ON / OFF to raindrop sensing auto wiper wiper.
  • Long distance drive is also equipped with a comfortable cruise control system.
    * ESP is a registered of Daimler AG trademark.

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